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  • Your streamlined central backup management console.
  • Efficient managing solution to complex backup environments.
  • Unified backup deployment and workflow to protect business data.
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Centralized Backup Management

一彩2登录Manage everything via a single, easy-to-use dashboard

What Is Backup Center

一彩2登录EaseUS Backup Center – the centralized backup management solution helps to deploy backup tasks to multiple terminal machines from one console, run and monitor backups on all systems easily.

How to Realize Central Management

Three roles are involved in the central management system - Server side, Console side and Client side. Through a network connection in Server side, it combines all backup clients with the management console, where IT admin can access to any backup on client machines anytime.


Intuitive, Scalable Management

一彩2登录Simplify IT admin routine and reduce IT workloads


Business Protection

Working with Todo Backup, Backup Center delivers the best data protection and management for your business. Create different types of backup task upon time or event schedule, covering every bit of data. Deploy the task to client machines installing with Todo Backup, automatically run backup accordingly.


Buy EaseUS Backup Center

一彩2登录Different edition is suitable for different system of client machine you manage. Specify the client system you have, and choose the right edition.

  • Workstation

    Manage machines in Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

  • $79.00
  • -+
  • Server

    Manage machines in Windows server system

  • $299.00
  • -+
  • Advanced Server

    Manage Windows server with MS SQL/Exchange

  • $399.00
  • -+




Manage machines in any Windows system. More advantages in Technician edition.

Multiple machine control - for business across multiple devices and systems.
Tailored maintenance service and support via phone, email, and live chat.
Flexible license option - customize license suitable for your business requirement & budget.

一彩2登录Consult our specialist for a quick solution

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*One license for EaseUS Backup Center manages one client machine.
*License key will be sent to your email right after you finish the payment process.

EaseUS Backup Center

一彩2登录Watch and learn how to manage your backups centrally

What's New System Requirements

What's New in Version 13.2

  • Supported latest SQL Server 2019 backup and restore.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Improved user experience.

User Reviews

    

Nice tool to control all the computers, and save much time.

-by David W.

一彩2登录    

We have tested a lot of similar backup management software with same features, but some are very expensive and exceed our IT budget. Finally choose EaseUS Backup Center for its affordable price and nice support.

-by Dennis Den

    

As it says, really a cost-effective tool for service providers. Backup and management both work very well.

-by Edward P


Looking for Help?

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to restore the backup from the Backup Center?
Currently, the Backup Center mainly works as a console to help users create and deploy backup tasks to clients. The actual backup and restoration tasks are executed by the Todo Backup clients. When users would like to restore a backup, they’ll have to log on the client to execute a restoration.
Which type of backup tasks does Backup Center create and deploy?
EaseUS Backup Center can create and deploy tasks including System Backup, Disk/Volume Backup and File Backup. Although it's unable to create and deploy SQL or Exchange Backup tasks though Backup Center, you can create and run advanced SQL/Exchange Backup tasks on the Todo Backup clients activated via EaseUS Backup Center Advanced Server or Technician edition.
How to add a client machine?
Users can add a client by Full Name or IP address on condition that the Todo Backup client and the related management component are both installed on the client.
How does Backup Center license work?
EaseUS Backup Center license will auto-activate the client being added to the Backup Center. For example, if a user have 6 workstations and 1 server to manage through the Backup Center, he/she will need to get a six-seat Backup Center for Workstation license and an one-seat Backup Center for Server license.

 Self-service Support

Get useful materials in our FAQ, Knowledge Base, video tutorials and documentation here.

 Contact Technical Support

Customers with active product maintenance or subscription are entitled to 24/7 technical support.

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